Organ Massage

Massage of the internal organs is an ancient healing method in Siberia which brings transformation both on the spiritual as the physical level. This program is for everyone who would like to receive deep healing on the internal organs.

Organ Massage: Healing & Preventive
With this technique you massage the entire belly. The external impuls on the internal organs creates a remarkable effect. Internally we softly and consciously move the organs. This creates flexibility in the tissue and stimulates the organs to fulfill again its predestined tasks. Besides the healing influence on the specific organs, it also has a preventive effect. Tensions and blockages resolve before they express themselves into a dis-ease.

Workmethodes during the workshop
The workshop integrates a combination of both physical and spiritual healing. Under supervision of Ahamkara we practice the techniques in pairs.

Besides the subtle massage we will experience how the performed rituals, meditations and movement reconnect us with the feeling of relaxation from where we make the spiritual connection with the organs. The deeper we experience the connection, the more profound the effect of the massage will go beyond just the physical aspect.

Unique workshop
This is a special occasion to get in contact with shamanic techniques who bridge the physical and more subtle spiritual practices into a profound treatment.

Ahamkara: Shaman of the Altai
Home to Ahamkara is the Altai in Siberia where he got initiated into the tradtion by Shaman Arzjana. In this place he owns his own Shamanic Centre “Zhivo”. During a couple of months a year you can find him there, next to his many travels around the globe to spread the methods and wisdom of his people.

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Practical information:

Price: EUR 275 (lunch included) 
Language: English
Payment: EUR 140 deposit (non refundable) to reassure your submission. Rest is due in cash on first class day. The account number will be provided in the automatic reponse when subscribed.
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Facilities: Dressing room, floor heating, free Lounge & Tea corner
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Organ Massage


  Open Time Close Time Trainer Address
6 December 2018 10:00 17:00 Ahamkara Brugstraat 30, Bilzen
7 December 2018 10:00 17:00 Ahamkara Brugstraat 30, Bilzen