Kundalini Yoga

Passionate about Kundalini Yoga Michael welcomes you on one of his weekly group sessions where consciously breathing and moving together with the use of healing sounds help you towards a deep inner peace. Practitioners from all levels are welcome at any time!

Yoga of Awareness

Kundalini Yoga is also called the “Yoga of awareness”. “Yoga” means connection or reunion with the Higher Sacred Self. All forms of yoga aim at remember this relationship which we forgot in our feeling of seperation of abundance. The path towards this reunion is all about awakening the Kundalini energy, which happens when your consciousness raises.

Master Yogi Bhajan: “What is Kundalini? The energy of the endocrine system that connects with the nerve system so it becomes more sensitive and the total brain becomes capable of receiving signals and interpreting it.”

“Kundalini Yoga without mantras is no Kundalini Yoga”~ Yogi Bhajan.

Promotie: 10 lessons=2x Reduction!
You can subscribe per lesson (12 EUR) or go for a 10 session card which not only gives you a 10 EUR reduction but also allows you to use this card for any of the grouplessons of Eva or Michael. The 10 session card is valid for 4 months.

Why choose Kundalini Yoga?

The way of Kundalin Yoga is a short but complete way to physical, emotional and spiritual growth. Kundalini Yoga followed the 8 fold path of Pantanjali, where other yoga paths focus on a few aspects of it. What this means you will discover at Zennergi.

Kundalini Yoga is about exploring our own potential and limites. Become aware of your comfort zone and step out of it by challenging yourself.


Price: EUR 12 (per session)
Promotions: Book 10 lessons: 110 EUR
 (valid for 4 months, usable for all 1 hour meditation session guided by Eva & Michael)

Subscribe: Get subscribed by clicking on the “Submit” button (upper right).
Payment: Cash
Level: Beginners, advanced: everyone can hop on anytime

Facilities: Changing room, Floor heating, Free Lounge & Tea Corner
Required: Easy clothing (yogamats, blankets & cushions are provided)

Open Doors: 15 min. before start classe via main entrance (streetside); entering without ringing

Suggestion: if possible no meals until 1 hour before the session for optimal effect. 

Contact: info@zennergi.be
Parking: See Contact
Important: You are the master of your body, no one else. Please inform the teacher in case of injuries.

Kundalini Yoga


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