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Looking for some time to relax or a spiritual deepening? Then put the following activities in your agenda! For a complete overview and online reservations explore “Activities” or “Agenda”

teachings of the red earth: start march 24 ~ Shaman blue star (4 weekends)

master your channeling: start 24 feb (4 weekends) – shaman Elliott

Indigenous Teachers from Mongolia, Siberia, Puerto Rico & North America 

“World Master Teachers” is a worldwide quality network of “indigenous teachers” who are here to teach us to move forward in balance. The healing they bring to the world comes from natural medicine and the connection they have with other realities. 

Through the practice of ancient shamanism which is world heritage for all people one can learn to deeply understand the world we live in.

Click here on “International Shamans & Shamanism” to get a short overview on our shamanic programs.

World Master Teachers Shamanism – Zennergi Bilzen Belgium


Mongolia’s mystical Tsaatan: Spirit of the Reindeer Herders

February 14, 2017

Together with Indigenous Shaman Bulgan Windhorse you will travel through the Northern Mongolian Siberian Forest ‘Taiga’. During this trip, you will visit the reindeer family,...

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Trip to Altai Mountains in Siberia

January 31, 2017

BUS TRIP TO SIBERIA - ALTAI MOUNTAINS 30.07.2018 – 9.08.2018 with the Siberian shaman Ahamkara Shamanic rituals, connection with power places and nature. 30.07 We will...

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White Birch Tree Sap Healing Retreat in Mongolia

August 03, 2016

One of the greatest ways to revitalise your mind and body is through the life changing white birth sap healing retreat in Mongolia. Thousands of...

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