Teachings of The Red Earth (4 weekends)

Teachings of the Red Earth connects you with the ancient knowledge of the Aboriginals. Since several years Clanmother and Shaman Blue Star is traveling through the Outback in Australia to meet with a special medicine man. Together they do ceremonies for mother earth and now the time has come for the people in Europe to connect with the wisdom of the red earth through rituals and storytelling.

Inspiration from a Medicine Man from the Outback
The aboriginal people live in what they call the “Dreamtime”. In this state of being you experience connection with all that is. Teachings of the Red Earth is inspired on many years of doing ceremonies together with a great Medicine Man* from the Outback who is the keeper of the creation stories of his land and who shows you how to “dream” this connection.

*For reasons of Tribal respect we do not mention the Medicine Man’s name.

4 weekend Program: Teachings of the Red Earth:
In a nutshell “Teachings of the Red Earth” will connect you with: walks through the eternal gates of the Dreamtime, knowledge from your ancestors, your ancestry tree, dreamtime animals, traveling through dreamtime symbols, wisdom of the star nations, ancient rituals, “reading” aboriginal paintings, receiving energy from the Dreamtime, stories from the Dreamtime, Ngangkari – the traditional healers of Central Australia, perception of multidimensional layers and the understanding of its connections, tribal relations, skin names,…

1e Weekend:
Aboriginals & Initiation: Explanation about the history of the Aboriginals and the path of initiation for the women and the men within the tribes. It will be about exploration of the ancient Aboriginal knowledge and history.

2e Weekend:
Songlines, connection with mother earth: You will learn more about rituals. You will receive knowledge on earth connections and learn how you can connect earth lines through spirits from the Dreamtime. This weekend will be about experiencing different rituals and the knowledge on how to set up rituals yourself.

3e Weekend:
Facepaint & Dreaming: What is the story behind facepaint, what is the meaning of the white paintings on the body? Meet your totems and experience the healing through sounds of songs, instruments and dance. Learn how you can travel spiritually on the sounds of the didgerido during an outback Dreamtime.

4e Weekend:
Tracking: Learn to read the energy of the paintings and songlines. Learn how to read information that is stored in stones “Holy stones”, nature and earth. Awaken the unending energy in yourself, and activate your spiritual perception.

Video: Aboriginal Dot Paintings & Creation from the Dreamtime

Clanmother and Shaman Blue Star
“Blue Star” is a Shaman, Healer, Medium, story teller and exceptional teacher of Aboriginal & Norht American-Indian spirituality. The traditional name for a shaman is “a person of knowledge”, a person who passes on knowledge.

After many years of traveling throughout Australia Blue Star got adopted by the aboriginals after she also became part of the Susquehannock tribe through Chief Piercing Eyes Penns. After this event she traveled more then &8 years with his successor Chief Dancing Thunder. She obtained a Master degree in Music, invented “Dreamtime Piano Music”, studied psychology, Dream Therapy, Gestallt Therapie and is part of transpersonal healers in the Nederlands. She also is anointed as “International Clan Mother of the Pan American Indian Association”.

Blue Star teaches all over the world to share the incredible rituals passed on to her. She serves spirit by spreading this ancient knowledge and bringing healing. A few pictures below show a few of Blue Star’s visits to the Medicine Man from the Outback.



Other Education programs & workshops Blue Star:

  • Spirit Stone of the mystic” – 8 days– 4 weekends (start 4 & 5 november, 2018) more info will follow.

Price: Early birds discount prolonged until February 1: EUR 999, after february 1: EUR 1100 (lunch incl.); Min: 12 Participants- Max 25
Date: March: 24-25 March; April: 21-22; May: 19-20 ; June: 16-17 June
Start: 10h – 17h
Language: Nederlands & Engels
Payment: EUR 500 deposit (non refundable) to reassure your submission. Rest is due in cash on first class day. The account number will be provided in the automatic reponse when subscribed.
Submit: via “Submit” (right upper); (Min 12 persons; Max 25)
Facilities: changing room, floor heating, Free Lounge & Tea Corner
Extra: Easy Clothing (yoga mats, cushions & pillows are provided)
Doors Open: 30 min. before start, via main entrance (streetside)
Contact: info@zennergi.be
Parking: See Contact page (C.C. De Kimpel)

Teachings of The Red Earth (4 weekends)


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